COMMEND ET901 IP Converter Box for analogue 4-wire intercom terminals

Productnumber: C-ET901-A.C
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 7433645764731
Quantity: 1 pieces
IP-Intercom box for connection of 4-wire analogue Intercom terminals directly to a LAN/WAN. With switch functionality for additional connection of network devices. Housing included (IP 20).

The IP-Intercom box ET 901 establishes the bridge between an ethernet network with IP-protocol and any 2-wire digital or 4-wire analogue Intercom terminal. There are two versions available for analogue and digital Intercom terminals. The ET 901 is designed utilizing the newest DSP technology which enables features such Loudspeaker-/Microphone Surveillance and Audio Monitoring for any terminal connected (both for 2-wire digital or 4-wire analogue Intercom terminals). Additionally a switch is onboard which allows connection of a further network device to the same ethernet port (i.e. IP-camera). The ET 901 can be upgraded to handle additional inputs and outputs with a EB2E2A. For connection to the Intercom Server G7-DSP-IP/G2-DSP-IP or G8-IP/G3-IP cards are required, which can handle up to 8 IP-subscribers each.