COMMEND windBRUSH wind protection for MIC480

Productnumber: C-WIND-MIC480
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 7433645796718
Quantity: 1 pieces
Microphone wind guard in unique brush shape (patent pending) for ultimate speech intelligibility. Quick and easy to install on any MIC480.

Microphones are always subject to acoustic problems when exposed to wind or draughts caused, for example, by passing vehicles. Most standard microphone windscreens are made of soft open-cell foam or fur. This type of windscreen breaks up the sound distorting air swirls to eliminate their distorting energy. Commend products are used mainly in outdoor environments. Typical applications include emergency call stations for motorways, toll stations or railway stations, to name but a few. Conventional materials cannot be used in rough environments like these. This is because the microphone must be able to withstand natural forces such as rain, frost and dust. Commend has developed a polycarbonate windshield with a special brush shape specifically for rough environments. Freezing over or blockage caused by dust are no longer an issue when using windBRUSH®! When used in combination with MIC 480, the windshield can easily be installed in any outdoor environment to ensure perfect wind protection in all ambient conditions. 
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