COMMEND GE 300 DSP card for 4 digital subscribers feature level B

Productnumber: C-G3-GED-4B
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 7433645769729
Quantity: 1 pieces
DSP subscriber card for connection of up to four 2-wire digital subscribers. Up to five G3-GED cards can be used with a GE 300 IP intercom server, as well as five additional ones in Expansion Central GEZ 300. One call per subscriber is possible at the same time (non-blocking).

Subscriber cards handle speech communication as well as subscriber specific functions. For connection of IP, digital and analogue subscribers various cards in 3 feature levels are available. The cards of the higher levels contain additional features to the lower ones. With feature level P individual feature levels can be allocated to each subscriber. The number of subscribers and the individual feature levels can be unlocked using the licence key.   

Benefits G3-GED:
• G3-GED-4B, Upgrade of cards also possible via license
• 16 kHz audio bandwidth (depending on station type)
• Possible CODECs: G.722e or G.711e
• Volume depends on Intercom Terminal
• Mixing function for up to 8 audio channels
• Speech Storage G3-GED as of Rev. AC:
• 8 MB flash (7.5 MB audio memory)
• Up to 450 seconds at 16 kHz / maximum of 90 seconds per audio file
• Up to 900 seconds at 7 kHz / maximum of 180 seconds per audio file
• A maximum of 120 pre-recorded audio files per G3-GED

L3-GED-4C: Licence for feature level C
L3-GED-4D: Licence for feature level D 
L3-GED-4P: Licence for feature level P