COMMEND GE 300 DSP card for 4 analogue subscribers feature level B

Productnumber: C-G3-GET-4B
Delivery: [?] 3-4 Business days
Barcode: 7433645769743
Quantity: 1 pieces
DSP subscriber card for connection of up to four 4-wire analogue subscribers. Up to five G3-GET cards can be used with a GE 300 IP intercom server, as well as five additional ones in Expansion Central GEZ 300. The L3-GET-DSP licence allows use of the DSP features (see datasheet) also with analogue intercom stations.

Subscriber cards handle speech communication as well as subscriber specific functions. For connection of IP, digital and analogue subscribers various cards in 3 feature levels are available. The cards of the higher levels contain additional features to the lower ones. With feature level P individual feature levels can be allocated to each subscriber. The number of subscribers and the individual feature levels can be unlocked using the licence key. 

Benefits G3-GET:
• G3-GET-4B, Upgrade of cards also possible via license
• 16 kHz audio bandwidth (depending on station type)
• Possible CODECs: G.722e or G.711e
• Higher volume: +6 dB for all analogue Intercom terminals (e.g. EE 411)
• Mixing function for up to 8 audio channels
• DSP Features with licence “L3-GET-DSP“:
• Tone generator
• Loudspeaker/microphone Surveillance
• Automatic volume control
• Audio Monitoring
• Speech Storage G3-GET as of Rev. AC:
• 8 MB flash (7.5 MB audio memory)
• Up to 450 seconds at 16 kHz / maximum of 90 seconds per audio file
• Up to 900 seconds at 7 kHz / maximum of 180 seconds per audio file
• A maximum of 120 pre-recorded audio files per G3-GET

L3-GET-4C:    Licence for feature level C
L3-GET-4D:    Licence for feature level D
L3-GET-4P:    Licence for feature level P
L3-GET-DSP: Licence for DSP features on G3-GET subscriber cards