COMMEND GE 300 S0-Network card

Productnumber: C-G3-S0-I
Delivery: [?] 15 Business days
Barcode: 7433645770701
Quantity: 1 pieces
GE 300 S0-Network card

Network card with 1 ISDN interface, for connection of GE 300 Intercom Server units via an S0 interface (EUROISDN).

Benefits Network Features:
• Highly sophisticated controller for high-performance ISDN intercom networks
• One ISDN interface per card G3-S0-I
• Dial-up connection for up to 100 Intercom Server units or Intercom Server unit networks
• All features are available for the whole network, without limitation
• The whole network can be configured from one Intercom Server unit via a PC

Benefits Telephone Features:
• Integrates auto dialler and telephone interface
• Predefined numbers (for auto dialler mode), predefined dialling sequences (e.g. for day/night operation)
• Dial up connections between Intercom stations and telephone sets
• Simplex control

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