COMMEND GE 300 Analogue telephone interface card

Productnumber: C-G3-TEL
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GE 300 Analogue telephone interface card

The G3-TEL/G8-TEL multipurpose interface card builds a bridge between Intercom networks and telephone networks. Every interface card may be configured for one of the two possible modes: 

PABX mode:
The Intercom stations can call any desired telephone number. Conversely, the Intercom stations can also be called from any telephone. In addition all Intercom functions can be activated via the DTMF keypad of the remote telephone, e.g. All Calls, Group Calls, Door Calls with after-dialling for door opening, etc.

Auto dialler mode (alarm dialler):
Calls and Call Requests from the Intercom Server initiate predefined dialling sequences. The called telephone receives a voice message identifying the calling station by means of integrated, user-configurable speech storage. The telephone can talk to the caller and, if required, activate remote access functions, e.g. open a door.