COMMEND VirtuoSIS Subscriber Licence for 8 SIP subscribers, feature level C

Productnumber: C-L-SIS-SIP-8C
Delivery: [?] 1-2 Business days
Status: Direct Voorradig
Barcode: 7433645788737
Quantity: 1 pieces
Licence VirtuoSIS, 8 SIP subscriber ports, Feature level C

What is SIP-C?
Via the virtual SIP-C card, it is possible to use SIP clients (SIP-C) like third-party SIP phones and Commend SIP stations into VirtuoSIS directly. For this, only a simple IP network connection is necessary.

Highlights SIP-C features
–– Line monitoring for SIP-T and SIP-C subscribers
–– Triggering call requests, optionally with calm down message and/or with assigned video camera
–– Door station with a contact triggered via DTMF
–– Listening to radio channels
–– Receiving All Calls, group calls and door ringing calls
–– Participant radio conference
–– Control desk function
–– Receiving call requests and corresponding ICX messages
–– OpenDuplex® conferences
–– Protocols used for SIP-C: UDP, TCP and TLS