COMMEND Vandal resistant touchscreen station 7" - base with front panel, operation in landscape mode

Productnumber: C-TS8107VIL
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Barcode: 7433645795704
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Functions and Highlights
– Highly intuitive operation through flexible support of individual user interface needs
– Available free Tile-Layouts
– Bi-directional video
– Visitor guidance with plans
– Functional monitoring of microphone, loudspeaker and Intercom Station lines
– Control functions (video, doors & gates, ...)
– Audio Monitoring for automated call triggering, e.g. by a scream or shout
– Audio recording

Typical applications
– Communication terminals for reception areas
– Terminals for visitor guidance and information
– Convenient Door Call Stations for inside and outside use
– Interactive Lift Call Stations
– Compact Control Desks