COMMEND Vandal resistant SIP wallmount station with ENEO camera and one call button

Productnumber: Y-SIP-WS201VCE
Delivery: [?] 15 Business days
Barcode: 7433645870845
Quantity: 1 pieces
The OpenDuplex® capable and vandal resistant SIP wallmount station Y-SIP-WS 201VCE with built-in high-performance ENEO colour video camera has been developed and designed for areas with high requirements on safety and system integration.

The station is connected directly to the Ethernet (LAN/WAN) and in this manner is connected to a compatible SIP server via the IP network. Besides high volume, the SIP station provides a numerous amount of further features: Pre-recorded audio can be applied in a multi-purpose manner, e.g. as acoustic indication at line fault or as waiting information at call initiation. A configurable background noise suppression provides a crystal clear communication in challenging situations.

Furthermore, the station is perfectly suited for use as door station at entrances and gateways, due to integrated relay outputs.
The 3 mm stainless steel front panel with tamper protection and special screws protects against vandalism. The robust construction provides full protection against water, dirt and dust – IP rating IP66. The button can be allocated to a call number and the relevant label area can be filled in individually.
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