Productnumber: LC_AN-RPSMA-NJ
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Barcode: 4044144612596
Quantity: 1 pieces
Adapter cable to connect LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON) with indoor access points, connectors: N-Female to RPSMA-Male with screw-cap, 20cm cable length , AirLancer AN-RPSMA-NJ, (LANCOM Article no 61259 )

The adapter cable AirLancer AN-RPSMA-NJ gives you the flexibility to use LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON) in combination with indoor access points. It connects the antenna to the indoor access point, either directly or via an extension cable, optionally with an additional AirLancer SN-ANT lightning protection adapter. One AirLancer AN-RPSMA-NJ is required for each connected antenna.

-Adapter cable for connections between LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON) and indoor access points
-Connectors: N-female to RPSMA-male, threaded coupling
-20cm cable length