LANCOM AirLancer ON-360ag

Productnumber: LC_ON-360ag
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Barcode: 4044144612091
Quantity: 1 pieces
Outdoor WLAN omnidirectional antenna with 360° beam angle, + 6,5 dBi (2.4 GHz) or +6 dBi gain (5 GHz), 1x1 MIMO, gross transmission rates of up to 433 Mbps, ideal for illumination in simple WLAN scenarios, incl. cable and mounting kit, AirLancer ON-360ag, (LANCOM Article no 61209 )

The weatherproof LANCOM AirLancer ON-360ag omni-directional antenna provides effective WLAN over wide areas. Mounted centrally, it is ideal for 360° coverage in normal WLAN scenarios. 

-WLAN omni-directional antenna with a 360° beam and +6.5 dBi at 2.4 GHz and +6 dBi gain at 5 GHz
-1x1 MIMO technology for reliable WLAN coverage in simple scenarios
-Mounting kit, cables, and adapters included
-Connects to LANCOM indoor access points via the adapter AirLancer AN-RPSMA-NJ