Productnumber: LC_SN-ANT
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Surge arrestor for connection between LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON) and access points, central component of the lightning protection system, low signal attenuation , AirLancer SN-ANT, (LANCOM Article no 61258 )

Protecting components from the consequences of lightning strikes and other electrostatic influences is a vital aspect in the design and installation of WLAN systems for outdoor use. The AirLancer SN-ANT is required for all outdoor installations with a LANCOM outdoor WLAN antenna (ON). The AirLancer SN-ANT is installed between the access point and the antenna. It reduces the current surges that can occur even if outdoor lightning-protection equipment is installed, as even partial discharges are capable of damaging the sensitive WLAN modules in access points.

-Surge arrestor for connections between LANCOM outdoor WLAN antennas (ON) and access points
-Central components for lightning protection
-Low signal attenuation