LANCOM 1783VA-4G (All-IP, EU, over ISDN)

Productnumber: LC-1783VA-4G-I
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Barcode: 4044144620584
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Powerful VPN router with VDSL2/ADSL2+ modem (annex B/J, All-IP), ISDN-VoIP- & analog transition, LTE up to 100 Mbps, VDSL Vectoring, IPSec VPN (5 channels/opt. 25), LB, QoS, 2x ISDN (1x TE/NT & 1x NT), 2x analog, 4x GE (IEEE 802.3az), LANCOM 1783VA-4G (All-IP, EU, over ISDN), ( LANCOM Article no 62058 )

The LANCOM 1783VA-4G is the ideal device for professional telephony and high-speed Internet. With its integrated LANCOM All-IP Option, 2 ISDN interfaces (1 x TE / NT and 1 x NT) and 2 analog interfaces, this device is the ideal solution for analog, ISDN, and VoIP telephony at locations with an All-IP connection - without the need to replace existing components. The router also offers secure site connectivity via IPSec VPN along with high-speed Internet via VDSL2 / ADSL2+ or 4G - ideal for backup scenarios in business-critical applications.

-Business-VoIP-VPN router for the continued operation of existing ISDN and analog components after converting to All-IP
-Professional telephony functions with the integrated LANCOM VCM (Voice Call Manager) and SBC (Session Border Controller)
-Flexible professional router for high-speed Internet access thanks to the VDSL2 and ADSL2+ modem and LTE/4G modem
-2x ISDN S0 (TE/NT + NT) for point-to-point or multipoint line configuration
-2x analog (internal) / fax
-Up to 4 simultaneous ISDN voice channels
-5 IPSec VPN channels (25 optional) for professional and secure site connectivity
-Security Made in Germany

LANCOM 1783VA-4G Versions:
EU, over ISDN article no 62058
EU, over POTS article no 62059