LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Router

Productnumber: LC-WLC-Basic
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Barcode: 4044144616396
Quantity: 1 pieces
WLAN controller functionality for LANCOM 190x and 178x routers without WLAN, management of up to 6 LANCOM access points and WLAN routers, upgradeable up to 12 access points with WLC +6 Option, for small and medium-sized networks, LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Router, (LANCOM Article no 61639 )

-Central management for up to 6 LANCOM access points and WLAN routers
-Full configuration of the access points with profile assignment
-Easy installation for the LANCOM 1781 series without WLAN
-Ideal for smaller, yet professional WLAN installations, such as chain stores, enterprises, or small hotels
-Remote configuration of WLAN routers or access points, e.g. in home offices possible
-No additional devices necessary
-WLAN controller functionality extendable to up to 12 WLAN devices with the LANCOM WLC AP upgrade +6 option

Supported devices:
-LANCOM 1781EF / 1781EF+
-LANCOM 1781A / 1781A-4G / 1781-4G
-LANCOM 1781A-3G
-LANCOM 1781VA / 1781VA-4G
-LANCOM 1783VA / 1783VA-4G / 1784VA
-LANCOM 1900EF / 1906VA / 1906VA-4G