COMMEND Digital 20W amplifier with polycarbonate housing

Productnumber: C-AF20D
Delivery: [?] 15 Business days
Barcode: 7433645747703
Quantity: 1 pieces
Digital 20 watt amplifier with polycarbonate housing for connection to an Intercom Server. Output power 1 x 20 watt at 4 ohm loudspeaker or 2 x 10 watt at 8 ohm loudspeakers.

• 20 W output power
• Class-D amplifier, optimised for high efficiency at low operating temperatures
• Short-circuit and overrange protected
• Line monitoring between amplifier and Intercom Server
• Easy integration in existing Intercom Systems
• 16 kHz audio quality
• Support of Terminal features (e.g.: connection monitoring, function monitoring, DSP- tone)
• Suitable for decentralised on-site use
• Rugged enclosure made from polycarbonate