COMMEND Digital 50W amplifier with polycarbonate housing

Productnumber: C-AF50D
Delivery: [?] 15 Business days
Barcode: 7433645747734
Quantity: 1 pieces
Digital 50W amplifier with polycarbonate housing

Features and highlights
– 50 watts of output power
– Output for low-resistance loudspeakers and for 70 V/100 V loudspeakers
– Class-D amplifier, optimised for high efficiency at low operating temperatures
– Protection against short circuits and overranges
– Line monitoring between amplifier and Intercom Server
– Loudspeaker line monitoring at the 70 V/100 V loudspeaker output (requires licence “L-AF-LM”)
– 16 kHz transmission bandwidth for highest speech intelligibility
– Easy integration into existing Intercom systems
– High level of reliability
– Supports Intercom station features (e.g. line monitoring, function monitoring and DSP tone)
– Single or double mount in a 19” rack or on site
– Rugged housing made of polycarbonate